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Grandes funciones de pequeñas moléculas

Big functions of small molecules

Researchers at the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) have identified a novel mechanism for microRNA regulation of protein synthesis and involvement in cancer. The results are published in the current volume of Molecular Cell.
The identification of a microRNA that can mediate a general induction of protein production and can affect the progression of cancer can have a big impact on the development of therapeutic strategies.

Research conducted by Ulf Andersson Ørom in the lab of Ass. Prof. Anders H. Lund has revealed that a microRNA called miR-10a can act opposite what has been established as microRNA functions, namely induce the production of proteins. By inducing the mechanisms responsible for protein production, miR-10a can promote a general effect on the cellular machinery. miR-10a is overexpressed in several cancers and experimental evidence suggests that miR-10a is involved in this malfunction in cell growth.

MicroRNAs are small molecules known to inhibit production of proteins and to be able to regulate specific processes in the cell. Since their discovery in 1993 research on microRNA has progressed rapidly due to a big potential in therapeutics and for the understanding of development in multicellular organisms.

Courtesy: University of Copenhagen

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