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April 2008

EMBO Course on High-Throughput microRNA Profiling

When: Sunday, 04/06/2008 - Friday, 04/11/2008 All Day
Event Type: Course
Where: EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Description: European Molecular Biology Laboratory
1. Hands-on laboratory work & accompanying tutorials (~60 % of time, all participants involved) will include:
Quality assessment and quantification of total RNA
Set up of the complete microarray-microRNA profiling experiment
Set up of a complete qPCR experiment, reverse transcription and qPCR steps: synthesis of complementary DNA followed by microRNA specific amplification
Data analysis by different algorithms, normalization approaches
Correlation of microarray and qPCR data
Troubleshooting of all individual steps

2. Lectures (~40% of time) will discuss:
Approaches to microRNA profiling (sequencing, bead-based, microarray, qPCR, Northern blotting, in-situ hybridization)
Sample preparation
Experimental design/setup
Quality controls for total RNA
Equipment/instrumentation options
Design of qPCR experiments
Design microarray microRNA experiment
Data analysis, normalization and interpretation
Correlation of transcriptome profiling with microRNA profiling data
Correlation between various microRNA profiling approaches
microRNA target prediction

For more information click on the title or visit: http://www-db.embl.de/jss/EmblGroupsOrg/conf_88

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