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Biopps BioCluster

Since 2005, Biopps represents the first platform of its kind specialized in informing and promoting innovative, scientific and technological knowledge aimed in understanding and manipulating the biological systems and improving the quality of life.

We would like to provide a non-conventional window that will serve as a multidisciplinary, inter-institutional, national and international point of communication and liaison between the communities in the BioSciences, the industry and society. And at the same time, create . . .

A chronicle, a point of reference and support to all the community.

In The Triple Helix
We would like to have a synergistic approach to help us strengthen “The Triple Helix” or Science, Industry and Society in the spiral of knowledge, and assist in the liaison processes through the promotion of your research & scientific activities as an important form to support businessmen and awaken a deeper interest of knowledge for society.
Scientists & Institutions
Help us also communicate each new knowledge outside the traditional resources and that will serve too, as a form of liaison through scientific knowldge. Therefore, you are invited to promote* your findings and research services by posting your artices and services that can be offered to the industry and society. Scientific events can be posted in our Calendar of Events. Read more

Entrepreneurs & Businessmen
We hope you will find here a valuable source of information and resources for your competitiveness. We invite you to explore the licensing opportunities, research services available. Read more

Enjoy this wonderful sea of new knowledge that we are sure, in some way, will expand your views and comeabout. You are welcome to post your concerns and interests in our sections " Ask a Scientist", "Service to the Community" and "Practical Knowledge".
* Registration is necessary to submit information.
This site does not provide specific medical advise. However, from our point of view, one of the best ways to surpass any possible inconvenience to a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" (as defined by WHO), is to acquire a deeper knowledge and thoroughly understanding of what is happening and possible implications. This of course, is only in addition to get proper medical attention and advice.



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