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Special Thanks

We deeply appreciate all the persons and institutions that in some way made this site possible.
1.- University of Copenhagen: Denmark
2.- Gaceta UNAM: Mexico
3.- Gaceta Biomédicas UNAM: Mexico
4.- Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT: USA
5.- Johns Hopkins Medicine: USA
6.- California Institute of Technology – CALTECH : USA
7.- University of California, San Diego: USA
8.- University of California, Irvine: USA
9.- University of Rochester: USA
10.- The University of Georgia: USA
11.- Georgia Institute of Technology: USA
12.- The Scripps Research Institute: USA
13.- University of Chicago Medical Center: USA
14.- University of California, Berkeley: USA
15.- Stanford University School of Medicine: USA
16.- University of Pennsylvania: USA
17.- University of Pennsylvania – Medicine: USA
18.- National Cancer Institute: USA
19.- National Institutes of Health: USA
20.- National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: USA
21.- National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: USA
22.- Emory University: USA
23.- Yale University: USA
24.- National Institute of Arthritis and Muskuloskeletal and Skin Diseases: USA
25.- National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: USA
26.- University of Florida: USA
27.- University of Columbia: USA
28.- University of Michigan: USA
29.- University of Delaware: USA
30.- Boston University: USA
31.- University of Michigan Health System: USA
32.- Weizmann Institute of Science: Israel
33.- National Human Genome Research Institute: USA
34.- Universty of Wisconsin-Madison: USA
35.- Case Western Reserve University: USA
36.- European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL: Europe
37.- University of California, Los Angeles: USA
38.- Ministry of Agriculture and Food (Svalbard): Norway
39.- Insituto Nacional de Salud Pública: Mexico
40.- Foro Consultivo Científico y Tecnológico, A.C.: Mexico
41.- BNCT- IPN: Mexico
42.- The Universal Protein Resource UNIPROT
43.- Public Library of Science -PloS: USA
44.- The American Association for the Advancement of Science: USA
45.- Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología CONACYT: Mexico
46.- Academia Mexicana de Ciencias: Mexico
47.- Revista Conversus del IPN: Mexico
48.- Fondazione Rosselli: Italy
49.- Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional: CINVESTAV: Mexico
Among others and growing.
If you are a scientist or represent an institution and would like to upload your news, please contact us.

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